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Justin Trudeau's India visit deemed a 'slow-moving train wreck' amid claims he was 'snubbed'

February 21st 2018 7:41PM
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is this week visiting India, but the young politician — known for rock-star treatment on the international stage — is not getting much of a reception in the South Asian giant. Media in the country has had its attention occupied by the scandal over the Punjab National ...

Danny Howells Announces India Tour

February 21st 2018 7:36PM
Bleep is celebrating its first birthday, kicking off Danny Howells' India tour.

Did the British Empire resist women's suffrage in India?

February 21st 2018 7:18PM
The US took 144 years to give equal voting rights to women. Suffragettes in UK took nearly a century to win the vote. Women won the vote in some cantons of Switzerland as recently as 1974. But Indian women got the right to vote the year their country was born. Ornit Shani, author of an excellently ...

China strengthening air defenses with eye on India, says state media

February 21st 2018 5:48PM
Speaking to CNN, Kanti Prasad Bajpai, the director of the Centre on Asia and Globalization at Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, said the article could be interpreted as China signaling to India that Doklam "isn't over" and that India shouldn't "get too complacent." "It's fairly clear they (the ...

Adani mining giant facing renewed claims of $600m fraud in India

February 21st 2018 5:37PM
India's customs department has revived allegations of a US$600m financial fraud against the Adani Group, challenging an order clearing the mining giant last year as “erroneous, illegal and improper”. Adani has been fighting allegations for the past four years that it used a shell company in Dubai to ...

Justin Trudeau Really Is Doing the Most on This India Trip

February 21st 2018 5:37PM
Trudeau and family have traveled to India on an official Canadian visit this week, and have each been wearing, to every appointment, traditional Indian clothing commissioned from top designers in the nation. That sounds great! Fashion diplomacy, baby! Like Michelle Obama touching down in Delhi ...

After an awkward India visit, will Trudeau learn his lesson?

February 21st 2018 5:26PM
Photo ops have limitations, as Justin Trudeau is learning on his inaugural visit to India as Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Trudeau may not have thought family photographs shot against the backdrop of the magnificent Taj Mahal or in the rustic confines of the elephant conservation centre in Mathura would ...

Globe editorial: Justin Trudeau's visit to India needs more substance

February 21st 2018 5:15PM
Official visits are full of low-hanging fruit for journalists. They're expensive, prone to gaffes, and controversies drop from them like overripe apples. Still, even by those standards, Justin Trudeau's current junket through India has been unusually fraught. The trouble started on the tarmac in New Delhi, when ...

The Ethics of Donald Trump Jr.'s India Adventure

February 21st 2018 4:07PM
The Trump Organization had business dealings in India long before Donald Trump became president of the United States. The Trump brand's luster is strong there, especially among those Indians who have become wealthy since the country opened up its economy in the 1990s. India might be relatively ...

Donald Trump Jr. Is Impressed By The 'Smile On A Face' Of India's Poor

February 21st 2018 3:29PM
"I think there is something about the spirit of the Indian people that is unique here to other parts of the emerging world. You go through a town ... and, I don't want to be glib but you can see the poorest of the poor and there is still a smile on a face. ... I know some of the most successful people in the world ...

India and Canada – Back to the Bad Old Days: Rupa Subramanya for Inside Policy

February 21st 2018 3:27PM
On the eve of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's state visit to Canada April 2015, Vivek Dehejia and I co-authored a report for Canada's Asia Pacific Foundation called “Canada and India: A New Beginning.” We argued then that the combination of Modi in India and Prime Minister Stephen Harper in ...

Remove apparel quota to India - Exporters

February 21st 2018 2:50PM
Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association Chairman Felix Fernando requested the Indian government to either improve the existing apparel quota system to a sizable amount or remove it. “This will give the Sri Lankan apparel exporters more confidence in doing business in the Indian subcontinent,” he ...

Touch of Klaasen downs India in T20

February 21st 2018 2:37PM
For the second time in his short career, Heinrich Klaasen halted India's cricketing juggernaut as South Africa won the second Twenty20 international by six wickets at SuperSport Park on Wednesday. Klaasen slammed seven sixes in hitting 69 from 30 balls as South Africa chased down a target of 189 ...

Exclusive: India's PNB adopts strict SWIFT controls after mega fraud case

February 21st 2018 2:36PM
... linked to a billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi. The undertakings, which PNB says were issued between 2011 and 2017 with incomplete ledger entries by the two officials, were used by Modi and Choksi's firms to obtain credit from the overseas branches of mostly Indian lenders.

Exclusive: India's PNB adopts strict SWIFT controls after mega fraud case

February 21st 2018 2:26PM
MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's state-run Punjab National Bank has stepped up its controls on the use of global payments network SWIFT following an alleged $1.77 billion fraud, according to memos issued this month and seen by Reuters. India's second biggest state lender this month revealed the country's ...

'Tone-Deaf?' Donald Trump Jr. Says He Likes India's Poor Because They 'Smile'

February 21st 2018 1:18PM
Donald Trump Jr. is being criticized as tone-deaf after he praised the “smiles” of India's poorest citizens during his controversial visit to the country to promote his family's real estate projects. President Donald Trump's eldest son told India's CNBC affiliate in New Delhi on Tuesday, “There is something ...

India's Chandrayaan-2 Has More Power Than NASA's Apollo Missions, But Cheaper

February 21st 2018 12:56PM
India's space agency is scheduled to launch their second mission to the Moon, called the Chandrayaan-2. It would be the first time for India to land a rover unto the lunar surface, all at a cost that's cheaper than making the film "Interstellar." ...

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February 21st 2018 12:21PM
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Explaining Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's Chilly Reception in India

February 21st 2018 12:11PM
It's quite extraordinary. For a politician who is deemed to have rock-star-like status, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hardly making any ripples in India. And this is a country where celebrities get front page coverage in newspapers. If at all, the coverage so far of this visit has been negative, ...

India film star Kamal Haasan launches political party

February 21st 2018 11:26AM
Indian film star Kamal Haasan has launched his new political party in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Mr Haasan, 62, made the announcement in the town of Madurai before crowds of his party supporters. The state has a history of actors-turned-politicians - three have even served as chief ministers.